Media Ingredients
Cat. no.ProductPack Size
AB 03Bacteriological LAB-AGAR™ - is a gelling agent used in the preparation of culture media and other bacteriological applications. 500 g
AB 16Pharmaceutical LAB AGAR™ - this is a pharmaceutical quality agar that follows the specifications of the European Pharmacopoeia and American Pharmacopoeia (USP). It is specifically designed for all kind of applications in the pharmaceutical industry for medicinal and cosmetic preparations such as suspensions, reconstituting suspensions, emulsions, sprays, tablets, capsules and creams. 500 g
AB 12Plant Propagation LAB AGAR™ - impurity - free and recommended for the commercial micro-propagation of ornamental, succulent and woody plant species as well as in vitro genetic engineering in the plant research field. 500 g
AB 06Purified LAB AGAR™ - highly purified agar with a very low ash content for use in microbiology and biochemistry. Subjected to rigid tests which guarantee its excellent performance in biochemical, bacteriological and mycological applications. 500 g
AB 08Vitro LAB AGAR™ - developed especially for in vitro cell culture. This product is strictly controlled and designed to give high yields in large industrial operations for growing tissue culture plants (ornamentals, horticulture, woody plants, etc.).500 g
Cat. no.ProductPack Size
PB 01Bacteriological Peptone - widely used in culture media and in the producition of toxins, vaccines and other biological products.500 g
PB 03Beef Extract - highly nutritious and is used in preparing microbiological culture media.500 g
PB 12Bile Salts Nr 3 - mixture of bile extracts especially prepared for use in selective media 500 g
PB 04Casein Peptone - a pancreatic digest of casein suitable for the cultivation of many groups of bacteria, including certain organisms which grow with difficulty. Has excellent solubility and very good clarity when dissolved. 500 g
PB 05Casein Peptone H - an acid hydrolysate of casein; free from vitamins, it is used for the determination of vitamin content by microbiological methods. 500 g
PB 07Dehydrated Oxbile - used as a selective inhibitory agent in culture media 500 g
PB 08Gelatin Peptone - a pancreatic digest of porcine skin. It is low in fermentable carbohydrates and is used in culture media, especially for non-fastidious microorganisms. It is also used in fermentation studies.500 g
PB 15Heart Infusion - especially formulated preparation of dried infusion from bovine hearts supplied as a light, fine powder for use in microbiological culture media500 g
PB 16Lactoalbumin hydrolysate - used in microbiological and tissue culture media formulations. 500 g
PB 43Liver Digest Neutralized - used especially for growth of strict anaerobes and other fastidious microorganisms.500 g
PB 17Malt Extract - well suited for culturing yeasts and molds, allowing the sporulation of molds. Prepared by successive purifications, removing all enzymatic activity500 g
PB 09Meat Peptone - a peptic digest of animal tissue. Suitable for testing hydrogen sulfide formation.500 g
PB 40Mycological Peptone - mixture of plant and animal peptones. It is used for the isolation and diagnosis of pathogenic and non-pathogenic fungi.500 g
PB 10Polypeptone - a mixture of Casein Peptone and Meat Peptone500 g
PB 11Proteose Peptone - an enzymatic digestion of animal tissues. It is a highly nutritious source for the growth of a wide range of microorganisms.500 g
PB 18Proteose Peptone Nr 3 - a high quality hydrolysate produced by the enzymatic digestion of animal tissues.500 g
PB 13Soy Peptone - a papaic digest of defatted soybean meal.500 g
PB 02Tryptone - pancreatic digest of casein containing all amino acids found in casein as well as larger peptide fractions500 g
PB 14Tryptose - a mixed enzymatic hydrolysate with nutritional properties for growth fastidious microorganisms500 g
PB 06Yeast Extract Microgranulate - a concentrate of autolyzed Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells used extensively for many non-animal formulations of bacterial, fungal, mammalian and insect cell culture. 500 g