Trio bas


Family of Microbial Air Samplers

“Time is money”. Devices as TRIO.BAS DUO & TRIO.BAS TRIO, save time spent on monitoring the environmental cleanliness of Clean Rooms and other production or hospital environments.

The use of two or three aspiration heads allow control of contamination in the direction of total count ( Plate Count Lab - Agar or Tryptic Soy Lab- Agar) and yeast and mould (Sabouraud Dextrose Lab Agar ) at the same time. It is dedicated to customers who make a large number of controls, in different environments, with a large staff rotation and comply with the quality standards.

Air samplers are equipped with a powerful airflow of 100 or 200 l per min which save 50% of time needed to determine the microbiological activity of the analyzed environment.

Family of Triobas Samplers are designed and manufactured by Orum International - an Italian company with more than 40 years of experience and can be used with standard 90 mm Petri dishes or Contact plates.