Structure of the Capital Group

 As of December 31, 2017, BioMaxima S.A. had the following subsidiaries that operate as commercial companies:

  • Roco Sistem Srl with headquarters in Bucharest (90% of shares)
  • BioMaxima Clinical Srl based in Cluj (80% of shares)
  • ISTAR Srl based in Cluj (80% of shares)

The consolidation of the BioMaxima Clinical Srl. and Roco Sistem Srl. companies is underway to create a single organizationally and operationally cohesive company that would allow for a more effective commercial operation.
In Romania, according to ROHO (Romanian Hospital Convention, 2017), there are 554 hospitals (367 public and 187 private) and about 1000 other diagnostic laboratories. Per capita expenditures for IVD studies in Romania are among the lowest in Europe and in 2015 amounted to 6.0 euros (European IVD Market Statistics, EDMA, 2015 Report). This means that the country has a large backlog in the field of laboratory diagnostics and thus it is possible to forecast a significant increase in expenditure on this sphere of health care, which means a great chance for the development of the new company BioMaxima Clinical Srl. It should also be noted that the growth rate of Romania in 2017 was one of the highest in Europe, which is confirmed by the GDP growth rate, which in the third quarter reached an impressive value of 8.6% (Eurostat, 2017).