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New! SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test and Antibody Rapid Test

Chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to 2019-nCoV is now available for sale.

Specimen: Nasopharyngeal swab
Results in: 10 - 15 minutes
Skład zestawu: Test cassettes, swabs, extraction kit, pipettes, instruction for use.
Sensitivity and specificity As recommended by WHO
Marked: CE IVD
For professional use only
Specimen: Whole blood, serum or plasma
Sample volume: 10 - 20μl 
Results in: 10 - 15 minutes
Materials provided: Test cassettes, droppers, buffer, package insert
Sensitivity: IgG 100% IgM 85%
Specificity: IgG 98% IgM 96%
Marked CE IVD

For professional use only












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Cat. no Name Form Specimen Package
1-307-P050 hCG strip serum/plasma,urine 50
1-307-K040 cassette serum/plasma,urine 40
Fecal occult blood (FOB)
1-300-K020 FOB cassette+ aplicator stool 20
1-300-KK20 cassette+ aplicator + control stool 20
1-360-K025 2019-nCOV IgG IgM cassette + aplicator whole blood/serum/plasma 25
1-301-K020 H.Pylori Ab cassette serum/plasma 20
1-302-K020 H.Pylori Ag cassette+ aplicator stool 20
1-308-P050 Syphilis strip whole blood/serum 50
1-308-K040 cassette whole blood/serum 40
1-305-K020 ROTA/ADENOVIRUS Ag cassette+ aplicator stool 20
1-325-P020 Giardia Lamblia strip+ aplicator stool 20
1-325-K020 Giardia Lamblia cassette+ aplicator stool 20
1-319-K020 Campylobacter cassette+ aplicator stool 20
1-329-K020 Influenza A+B cassette+ accessories swab 20
1-320-K020 Clostridium difficile GDH cassette+ aplicator stool 20
1-321-K020 Clostridium difficile A+B cassette+ aplicator stool 20
1-327-K020 Clostridium difficile GDH A+B cassette+ aplicator stool 20
1-326-K020 RSV cassette+ aplicator swab 20
1-323-K020 Norovirus cassette+ aplicator stool 20
1-341-K020 Adenovirus-resp. cassette+ accessories swab 20
1-342-K020 RSV+Adeno-resp. cassette+ accessories swab 20
1-343-K020 RSV+Adeno-resp. + Influenza A+B cassette+ accessories swab 20
1-344-K020 Crypto + Giardia cassette+ aplicator stool 20
1-350-K020 Malaria Pf* cassette whole blood 20
1-351-K020 Malaria Pf/Pv* cassette whole blood 20
1-352-K020 Malaria Pf/Pan* cassette whole blood 20
1-353-K020 Dengue* cassette whole blood/serum/plasma 20
1-354-K020 Dengue NS1* cassette whole blood/serum/plasma 20
1-355-K020 Dengue Ab/Ag* cassette whole blood/serum/plasma 20
1-356-K020 Tetanus* cassette whole blood/serum/plasma 20
1-357-K020 Bilharzia* cassette urine 20
1-358-K020 Cholerae* cassette whole blood 20
1-359-K020 Filariasis* cassette whole blood/serum/plasma 20
1-309-P050 Amphetamine (AMP) strip urine 50
1-309-K040 cassette urine 40
1-310-P050 Morphine/opiates (OPI) strip urine 50
1-310-K040 cassette urine 40
1-311-P050 Marijuana (THC) strip urine 50
1-311-K040 cassette urine 40
1-312-P050 Benzodiazepines (BZD) strip urine 50
1-312-K040 cassette urine 40
1-313-P050 Cocaine (COC) strip urine 50
1-313-K040 cassette urine 40
1-314-P050 Barbiturates (BAR) strip urine 50
1-314-K040 cassette urine 40
1-315-P050 Ecstasy (MDMA) strip urine 50
1-315-K040 cassette urine 40
1-316-P050 Trycyclic antidepresants (TCA) strip urine 50
1-316-K040 cassette urine 40
1-317-P050 Methadone (MTD) strip urine 50
1-317-K040 cassette urine 40
1-318-P050 Methamphetamine (MET) strip urine 50
1-318-K040 cassette urine 40
1-321-K040 Ketamine (KET) cassette urine 40
1-322-K040 Buprenorphine (BUP) cassette urine 40
1-323-K040 Synthetic Marjuana (K2) cassette urine 40
1-324-K040 Tramadol cassette urine 40
1-333-K010 Multi drug test 10 (AMO/OPI/COC/THC/MET/BAR/BZD/MTD/TCA/MDMA) panel urine 10
1-337-K010 Multi drug test 10 (AMO/OPI/COC/THC/MET/BAR/BZD/MTD/TCA/PCP) panel urine 10
1-336-K020 Multi drug test 6 (AMO/COC/MDMA/MET/OOI/THC) panel urine 20
1-334-K020 Multi drug test 5 (AMP/COC/OPI/THC/BZD) panel urine 20
1-335-K020 Multi drug test 5 (AMP/COC/OPI/THC/MET) panel urine 20
1-338-K020 Multi drug test 5 (AMP/COC/OPI/THC/BAR) panel urine 20
1-339-K020 Multi drug test 4 (AMP/COC/OPI/THC) panel urine 20
1-340-K020 Multi drug test 2 (BAR/BZD) panel urine 20



Cat. no. Product
1-815-0001 Positive Control Giardia
1-816-0001 Positive Control Adenowirus
1-817-0001 Positive Control Rotawirus
1-818-0001 Positive Control Campylobacter
1-819-0001 Positive Control Influenza A+B
1-820-0001 Positive Control Norowirus G1
1-821-0001 Positive Control Norowirus G2
1-822-0001 Positive Control RSV
1-823-0001 Positive Control Adenowirus-resp.
1-824-0001 Positive Control C. difficile GDH
1-825-0001 Positive Control C. difficile Tox. A
1-826-0001 Positive Control C. difficile Tox. B
1-827-0001 Positive Control H. pylori Ag