2023-06-07 00:00:00

Invitation to the XXXIII Conference “Advances in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care” combined with the IV Polish Congress “Beating Sepsis”

From 22 to 24 June 2023, will take place the XXXIV Conference “Advances in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care” , during which part of the lectures will be devoted to the fight against sepsis. Scientists, doctors and diagnosticians will exchange experiences in the field of diagnosis of sepsis and acute infections at the OIT and effective antibiotic therapies.

BioMaxima is a distributor of highly automated systems that accelerate sepsis diagnosis by up to several hours compared to standard methods. Antibiotic susceptibility testing systems and tests are one of our most important areas of activity. During the conference we will present:

Accelerate PhenoTM, which reduces the time of identification and determination of antibiotic susceptibility (directly from positive blood) of bacterial strains causing sepsis to about 5-7 hours. It takes 90 minutes to identify the bacterial strain(s) (G+ and G-) by the automated FISH method (the result is available immediately after this time), and approximately 5 hours to determine the phenotypic susceptibility by the patented MCA (Morphokinetic Cell Analysis) method. The result of the susceptibility test is given as MIC values.

Accelerate ArcTM is a novelty on the Polish and European market. It is a system designed for the automatic and standardized purification of a microorganism sample directly from a positive blood culture, preparing a suspension ready for identification in the MALDI-TOF analyzer.